Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes Made During Event Planning Phase

When you are hosting a corporate event for your company, you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan. After all, if your event turns to be a huge success, there is a very high chance that your company will make it annual. However, event planning isn’t as easy as it seems due to the involvement of a large number of factors. Even a small mistake becomes expensive if you didn’t consider it during the planning phase.

To ensure that your event has the least, if not any number of hiccups, avoid these five common mistakes at all costs:

Focusing on speaker or presenter or act, instead of experience

For your event to get a lot of attention from social media and attendees, you need to ensure that you have great acts, presenters, and speakers. However, focusing only on them instead of the experience will come at a great cost. If your attendees don’t have a great experience at your event, they may never return in the future. As an event manager, you have to focus on traffic, seating plan, toilets, and arrival management to name a few. For example, imagine if you had to wait in a long queue to enter an event. If the entire event was good, the experience at the entrance will stick out like a sore thumb. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in the experience basket, as your event won’t pull a large number of attendees. It is always important that you find the right balance.


Forgetting to keep track of changes

Every aspect of your event planning phase is subject to changes due to a large number of variables. Forgetting to track any change, whether it is big or small, will change the timeline or budget for your event. It is vital that you implement proper systems to keep track of changes. Every change should be documented and communicated to your team members. For example, if you need additional seats because of the expected turnout of attendees, you should make a note of it and explain in detail to the necessary stakeholders of the event.


Lack of transportation

When you are in a hurry, you may forget to get adequate amounts transportation for your presenters and delegates from their hotel room to the location of the event. For some reason, if they delayed in arriving to the venue, it will delay your entire event, especially if you don’t have any backup in place. Always make sure that your transportation requirements are met, the day before the event.


Not taking GST into budget consideration

Did you know that GST has a huge role to play in your budget? When you are planning the event, you could be working is a myriad of supplies charging and not charging GST. Due to this reason, you should always work your event budgets on both figures before sending the budget to the stakeholders.


Thinking nothing can ever go wrong

It is your dream to ensure that everything goes as per your expectations so that your event is a smash hit. However, thinking that nothing can ever go wrong is not good for your event, as anything can happen at the last minute. Rather than reacting to the situation, you should take proactive measures. Sit down with your team and come up with different situations that can cause problems in your event. Find different methods to mitigate the risks so that you are prepared for every situation.


These are the five common mistakes you should avoid during the event planning phase!