Corporate Event Trends for 2018

As the years keep changing, corporate events witness a variety of trends. If you are planning a corporate event in 2018, you need to make sure that you get everything right so that it is memorable to you and everyone involved in it. Also, to ensure that your corporate event gets a lot of attendees and well received by them, you have to stick to the latest trends in the industry. Here are five corporate event trends for the year 2018!

The future is here, thanks to the significant growth in AI and AR technologies over the past few years. In 2018, AI and AR will be the centre of attention in every corporate event. When you implement AI in your event, it will gain the attention of all attendees automatically. For example, you can use chatbots to answer all the queries the attendees have in your event. In other words, chatbots will offer the extra helping hand that you have always wanted. AR and VR are one of the hottest topics at present because of everything that is going on in these industries. These technologies will help transform corporate events, taking them to a whole new platform.


The future is green, so are the corporate event trends for this year. As technology has witnessed tremendous growth, having an eco-friendly corporate event has become easier than ever. There will be events that are completely paperless, as smartphones and tablets will take their place. Another trend that corporate events will see this year is plastic-less future. As the need for plastic cutlery, cups, and straws no longer exist, events will use eco-friendly substitutes.


As the number of millennials joining corporates is increasing steadily, events will have to cater to their needs. Millennials have a lot of knowledge regarding food, especially about their likes and dislikes. There will be a bigger demand for different types of cuisines, namely street food such as waffle stations and cereal bars. Also, the demand for having local cuisine is going up as organisers want their event to be unique. In other words, they want to organise events where their guests can only experience it there. The best part about having street food in corporate events is that they taste really good, without burning a hole in your budget.


Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) wristbands will have a bigger role to play in 2018 as they improve the user experience considerably. When guests have RFID wristbands, they can connect their credit cards them. As a result of this, processes such as onsite purchases and registration will speed up vastly. When it comes to corporate events that have a large number of guests, organisers will find RFID wristbands to be extremely useful.


Gone are the days where corporate events take place in conventional spaces. Attendees are looking for the next β€œwow” factor in such events. As a result of this, hosting an event in traditional spaces is no longer enough to win them over. Having corporate events in unique places will be the latest trend for this year. Also, events will take place outdoors as everyone wants to live a healthy lifestyle.


These are the five corporate event trends for 2018.

Make sure you stick with these trends so that your event is a smash hit with your attendees!