Event Sustainability

As the world is facing the effects of global warming, going green has become an important topic in every conversation. Every event, whether it is major or minor, produces a lot of unnecessary waste. When your event is sustainable, you cut back on these wastes, reduce carbon footprint, and make a positive impact. However, when you have to go green, making the right choices is important, as you don’t want your event to turn into a nightmare. To help you take your event on the path of sustainability, here are five areas that you can focus:


When you think about it, catering produces a large amount of waste. You need plastic forks, spoons, and glasses for all your guests, disposable plates, and straws for beverages. On top of that, you also have to deal with excess food, which is waste of valuable resources. When you are hosting an event, try to find out how many guests will be attending. That way, you can plan out the catering so that wastage of food reduces. Replace the plastic with biodegradable materials to keep a check on waste. Gone are the days where is should be acceptable for a caterer to serve a meal with a wrapped knife and fork with a napkins and then stored in a plastic packet. When you are sourcing quotes from caterers ensure that you ask them to highlight how the will serve the food and then take their green efforts into consideration when selecting the caterer..


Technology allows you to make your event completely paperless, which makes it sustainable. Use Facebook to create a page for your event, so that you can invite guests. Make registration paperless by using Microsoft Excel or any other similar software to keep track of the attendees. As name badges are a must, use ones made from corn-starch, instead of plastic or paper variants. Ask the exhibitors to share Powerpoint presentations with all the guests through smartphones, instead of opting for brochures and handouts. If you’re event includes ticket sales, educate and encourage patrons that they do not need to pront off event tickets and the ability for the tickets to be scanned from devices.


Try to discourage your guests from bringing their cars to your event. Encourage them to use alternative modes of transport, such as buses or car pooling. You can also offer a discounted entry price if they purchase a bus ticket at the same time as the event ticket.

Venue Selection

It is extremely important that you choose the right venue, as it is one of your biggest costs. While picking a suitable venue that matches your budget, try to find one that uses alternative sources of energy. As not every venue follows this practice, it can be an uphill task. Also, make sure that the venue uses only LED lights, as it is extremely efficient. Ensure that the venue you select for your event is easily accessible by public transport.

Waste Management

Waste management is extremely important, as it will help immensely in keeping your event sustainable. Everyone at your event will stop at a garbage bin at least twice, throughout the day. Make sure that you have separate bins for food, glass, plastic, and metal to make segregation easy. Ensure that the bins are labeled properly, so that your guests won’t make any mistakes.

These are the five areas you need to focus on, which will help you keep your event sustainable!