Event Trends You Need To Know About For 2020

As the end of the year draws upon us, it’s an exciting time for event managers to start planning their mind-blowing events for 2020. Knowing what the future trends are going to be is so important, as you need to ensure that you’re keeping your head above the trend line.

2019 saw some really exciting improvements to the events industry and what’s ahead in 2020 will keep your clients wanting more and more. Here are some exciting event trends for you’ll see in 2020:

Create a Unique Venue

Clients today are looking for that unique venue and no longer looking to book a traditional ballroom or venue to host their event. They want their event to be social media worthy and have their event sell-out within days! The pro to this that it gives the event manager the creative license to hunt down that amazing space however the con can be cost.

Creating a pop-up event space for a one of event can attract a lot of logistics expenses including kitchen, toilets, fencing, lighting etc… The cost of these spaces can grow quickly and it is important to understand the full build cost of the event space before committing. Nothing worse than getting the client sold on the space only to find out that you have blown the budget!

Just be sure when choosing an exciting new location that it matches your brand, event goals, and overall event mood. These pop up venues can be wonderful and allow for a truly custom event design but might require a bit more legwork to get there but it’s so worth it in the end! 

Event Sustainability

Now I am a massive fan of this and getting excited to see the client demand for tis increasing too. Event sustainability can seem scary however if you reflect on the impact you have created on the environment at the end of delivering a 2,000-person event you’ll understand why it is not important.

So what is event sustainability? It’s making small steps to reduce the damage and impact you create on the environment. It’s banning the use of single use plastics, educating our guests on the correct disposal of the waste and also seeking out more local and plant-based catering options.

Simple changes you can make includes:

– Use online surveys instead of paper-based forms at your conferences;

– Create edible centrepieces for your gala dinners but serving your entrees as share plates on stunning tiered platters and save those floral and plastic centrepiece arrangements;

– Insist on venues not offering single use plastic products;

– Offer and educate your guests on the correct disposal of waste at your event

These small steps will propel the industry forward towards reducing our carbon footprint and impact on the earth. 

Immersive Live Entertainment

Now I know as an event manager you will already be including live entertainment in the planning of your event however your guests in 2020 will be looking for more. That are wanting that experience that will immerse them into the event and create that connection.

You can capture the imagination of your attendees with unique performers, fun activities and unique experiences to create a buzz around your event and not to mention those instagrammable social media moments. And it’s not just those key entertainment moments you need to consider, Think about every possible interaction moment your guests might have for the event and consider how you might be able to entertain them. Do they arrive and wait in a queue, then how can you entertain them while they wait, what unique moment can your chef create while your guests wait for their meals.

The more creative you can get the better. 

AR and VR Demand Will Continue

Since the introduction of AR and VR to the public, several event managers have started to dabble in with the inclusion of AR and VR within their events. In 2020 as AR and VR is ready for mass adoption within mainstream events and with the significant growth seen in these technologies in 2019, they have become even more affordable. A great example of a cost effective solution is the Google Cardboard which allows attendees to get a virtual experience on a tiny budget

With the help of these technologies, event managers will be able to create immersive experiences for their guests. At the same time, they will attract sponsorships, as brands can use AR and VR to gain exposure for their products and services.

Bleisure (business + leisure) events Will Take Centre Stage

There has been a massive increase in the interest of bleisure events over the past 5 years and 2020 looks set to be the year where guests will be seeking out bleisure events. So what exactly are they are they and what are people looking for? Simply put a bleisure event is a destination event where the guests travel for a conference, workshop, awards evening however they extend their stay and take the opportunity to explore the town where the event is being hosted.

So if you’re planning a bleisure event, what are you going to need to be considering to win you’re your guests in 2020? You need to look for destinations that not only meets the needs for your event and fits into your budget but will also be attractive to attendees. It’s essential that the city has an interesting downtown, with a great food and cultural / entertainment offering. Also consider locations near beaches, or a mountain destination.

Bleisure travelers generally extend their stays for days, not weeks, so they want fun, fast activities that will keep them entertained. Consider putting together two- to four-day post-conference or meeting programs that incorporate sightseeing, meals, and athletic activities such as hikes, bicycling, and water sports.

If you are planning an event with bleisure as a consideration, it’s important that you promote these opportunities as part of your registration marketing!

These trends will certainly see some exciting improvements to the events space and potentially a greater ROI to clients. As an event manager it’s your job to think outside the box and create those breath-taking moments for your clients and their guests. 2020 is the year to make this happen!

David Yakas
Managing Director
Wrapped Creations