We have extensive experience designing and implementing meaningful engagement processes using a range of proven and innovative engagement techniques. Our focus is on empowering participants while customising our approach to match our clients and their community’s needs.

Wrapped Creations Can Help You:

  • Design, implement and evaluate engagement and consultation programs
  • Tailor sector specific engagement strategies (e.g., Indigenous, youth, seniors)
  • With stakeholder identification, management and outreach
  • Develop content, including a full range of tools (display panels, discussion guides, feedback forms, surveys, etc.) to support in-person and online engagement processes
  • Facilitate, plan and manage all types of stakeholder and public engagement events
  • Design, facilitate, establish and manage, stakeholder and community advisory committees
  • Establish or revitalise your social media presence
  • With consensus building, dispute resolution, issue management and documentation
  • Coach, train staff and produce practical toolkits

Strategic Planning

Our team prepares plans that are forward thinking, centred on measureable results and presented in a way that fosters buy-in from people and communities. Our collaborative processes enable clients and stakeholders alike, to easily move plans and strategies forward.

Wrapped Creations assists you with:

  • Strategic plan development
  • Community-based strategic planning processes, promoting active involvement of partners and/or external stakeholders
  • Collaborative visioning, goal setting and action planning
  • Staff engagement and stakeholder outreach
  • All aspects of Annual General Meetings and Board retreats
  • Governance structures and implementation plans
  • Coaching, capacity building, training and toolkit development
  • Evaluation of plans, programs or processes
  • Research services – including best practice reviews, qualitative research (focus groups, interviews) and quantitative research (surveys, questionnaires)

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