Keep the Followers of Your Corporate Event Engaged on Social Media with these Five Tips

Creating a page on social media is a great way to let your target audience know about your corporate event. However, if you don’t keep the followers of your page engaged on a regular basis, they’ll lose interest in your event which could impact the turnout during the day of the event.

Here are five tips which will help keep the followers of your corporate event engaged on social media:

Ask your followers questions

One of the best, effective, and easiest ways to engage with your target audience is to ask them a series of questions. If your target audience can relate to your questions, they’ll be the ones providing the answers – not you. The advantage of asking questions is that you can use the feedback as a tool to improve the event experience for your audience. For example, you can ask them what they think about your keynote speaker. If this isn’t the first time you are holding the same event, ask your followers how you can improve so that they’ll have a good time this year. Let’s say you don’t know which cuisine will go well with your target audience. Instead of taking a wild guess, you can create a poll on Facebook and let them decide what they would like to eat during the event.


Boost popular posts

There will be times when your posts on various social media platforms become extremely popular, generating a large number of likes, shares, and views. Instead of doing nothing, you should boost these posts by spending a fraction of your marketing budget on them. The reason is that when your popular content gets advertised, there is a greater chance that more people from your target audience will see your posts on their news feed. Also, when there is an increase in engagement, your post’s organic reach expands significantly.


Create and share content regularly

The key to keeping your audience engaged about your corporate event is to create and share content on a regular basis. The content can range from blog posts, shout outs, and behind the scene videos to name a few. These types of content will keep your audience excited about your corporate event. You can also have giveaways, where you hand out free tickets to your corporate event if the followers complete specific tasks. If you are unable to create content for a specific day, you can tell the followers that they can ask you questions about your corporate event.


Post at the right time

Even if you create high-quality content, no one will see your posts on social media, unless you post it at the right time. As your target audience is majorly the corporate crowd, you have to release posts when they are using social media. For example, people use social media while they are on the move to reach their workplace. Another technique is to post content during their lunch break. You can also publish your posts after your target audience is done with work are heading back home.


Use custom hashtags

Make sure that you create custom hashtags as they create awareness about your corporate event. Custom hashtags will make it easier for your target audience to find content about your event. Also, it becomes easier for your target audience to tag your event. Avoid making long or complicated hashtags as they are not memorable. Also, your hashtag should be unique, to prevent spreading confusion among your target audience.


These are my five tips which will help keep the followers of your corporate event engaged on social media!