Keep Your Audience Engaged Throughout Your Event with These Tips

For your event to be successful, it is important to engage your audience until the end of the show. If you have the great speakers and mouth-watering dishes at your event, but your audience looks bored, there is a very high chance that you’ll have a low turnout if you choose to host another one, next year.

Imagine an event where it takes at least a couple of minutes before someone gets their hands on the microphone to ask a question. No one, including the organisers, want to be in such events as they spoil the experience completely. When you engage your audience, they’ll have a wonderful time and feel important during your event. Next year, if you decide to have another event, they’ll ask their friends and colleagues to come along, increasing the turnout significantly.

Here are four tips, which will keep your audience engaged throughout your event:

Have live polls

One of the best ways to engage with your audience directly is to have live polls during your event. By asking for their opinions, the audience will feel that their presence and views have a lot of importance. One way to go about this is to ask the speakers to host polls, which allows them to interact with their audience while making their presentations entertaining. You can also ask them if they want to take a break and eat lunch or if they want to hear one more speaker. Having live polls is important as it allows you to collect valuable data from your audience.


Hire entertainment professionals

Another technique to keep your audience happy and entertained throughout the event is to watch performances from professionals. No one wants to sit and watch presentations the entire day, as they can take the life out of the event. When it comes to entertainment, you can hire dancers, magicians, bands, or other people who know how to keep your audience on the edge of their seats. If you want to connect with your audience, find out what is the most popular trend at the moment. For example, if a particular YouTuber is famous among the audience, you can get him/her to perform during the event.


Host competitions

As the attention span of people is reducing, you can no longer have an event where everything is about business. Even though it is a corporate event, people want to have fun at some point. The best way to go about this is to host competitions. For example, you can ask your audience to take photos of your event where the best one gets a prize. You can hold a scavenger hunt which is as long as your event. The clues for this game can be about the theme of the event.


Make Q&A sessions fun

Q&A sessions tend to take a lot of time as the members of the audience have to pass on the mic to other people. Also, if people have to keep waiting in silence, it makes them feel awkward. Instead, you can break the ice with Catchbox, a wireless and soft microphone that anyone can toss around. Your audience will have a blast passing on the microphone to those who want to ask questions.


These are the four tips which will keep your audience engaged throughout your event!