Security Risks To Consider When Planning An Event

When organizing an event of any size, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. You must worry about the permits and vendors while taking care of every other thing which comes in your way.

One important aspect of event management is security. You certainly want everyone to have an excellent time without having to worry about facing any problems. Whether it’s a special guest for the conference or the attendees, anyone who comes should be safe and secure.

There are a lot of factors which can determine the outcome of your event. A negative experience for your attendees or guests will leave the wrong impression.

The first step in security is to understand the risk factors so that you can take the necessary measures to overcome them. Given below are some of the elements you need to consider, for the safety of your guests and attendees:

Data leak

These days, the event management industry uses technology for a variety of purposes. There is a myriad of tools, which make your life easier. For example, there are online forms which allow you to collect data from your attendees through social media. You can use billing systems, which sends invoices to the vendors.

There is the option of an online ticketing system, which reduces your workload significantly. However, the biggest problem with technology and social media is that you need to collect sensitive data. For example, an online ticketing system will require payment from an attendee’s credit or debit card.

There are also other types of information that make your events a great target for cybercriminals. Unauthorized access to this data creates a lot of problems, which puts your conference or networking event in a negative light.

The best solution would be to follow state-of-the-art online security practices to improve the safety of the data. Should anything go wrong, you need to make sure you have an emergency plan in place so that you can handle the situation the right way.

Personal property theft

When there is a huge gathering at events, unfortunately thieves can see it as a tremendous opportunity to steal private property. Due to a large crowd, they can commit a variety of criminal acts, which remain unnoticed.

On top of that, there can be a lot of expensive gadgets at events.

The problem with personal property theft is that it is quite hard to prevent them from occurring. However, you can take the necessary steps to bring down this security risk significantly.

For starters, make sure you hire enough security staff to monitor the event. If you are using expensive equipment, make sure only a limited number of people have access to it. Ask these members to report unauthorized people immediately.

Make sure there are adequate security cameras throughout the venue, to deter people from committing personal property theft. Also, ensure people know about them so that they know it will be easy to identify them if they are guilty of carrying out criminal activities.

Unruly guests

If you are going to be serving alcohol in your events, it can increase the security risk. Even the most docile people tend to become hostile when they consume large amounts of liquor. As a result, there is a high chance a small situation can go out of control quickly.

You need to make sure you have extra security members at the place where you serve alcohol. Ask them to remain extra vigilant, so that they can control any situation before it goes out of hand. Also, you can ask the servers to keep track of the attendees who consume large amounts. They can inform the security officials about these people and ensure they don’t cause any problems. Also remember that bar staff need to have the appropriate training and qualifications for service.

Natural Disasters

Even though the chances of facing natural disasters such as fires, earthquakes, and storms are quite low, you cannot rule them out. Whether it is human-made or natural, they cause significant damage. While you have no control over these types of problems, you can still do a lot to ensure your guests and attendees are safe.

For starters, you can have several strategies in place, which helps you deal with a variety of situations appropriately. One tactic would be to create a fact sheet during your marketing, informing the guests and attendees what they need to do when facing such issues. Being prepared is the only way you can mitigate the damage of these events.

Violent crimes

The chances of violent crimes are quite small at events, however you still need to make sure it doesn’t take place in your events. When you have high-profile or special guests attending your event, you need to take extra measures to protect them. There are going to be people who wish to harm these individuals due to various personal reasons.

Another example of a potential violent crime is a terrorist attack, which can cause significant damage. Again, there isn’t any particular reason why these groups would target your event. However, you can’t rule it out, because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Fortunately, there are several ways you can deter violent crimes from taking place in your events. For starters, having ample amounts of surveillance equipment will force people to think twice, before performing any illegal activities. Make sure you let the people know that they are security cameras all over the venue.

You should hire enough personnel who are in charge of keeping the guests and attendees safe at all times. Ensure they are visible to everyone so that people are aware of the presence of security members.

If you are going to be hiring new members to help out with the events, you need to make sure you perform background checks on them. With this strategy, you can eliminate the chances of your staff from committing crimes.

Tips for handling security in event

When you are organizing events, you want to make sure you avoid the above security risks. Given below are my three tips which will help you ensure everyone is safe and secure:

Ask professionals for help

If security is number one on your list, due to high-profile guests, then you should leave it to the professionals. They have the expertise to keep any situation under control. Also, you can take it easy, knowing that the security is under the best hands.

Make sure you ask them for advice, once you hire them. They will identify loopholes in the venue and suggest strategies to enhance security. You also have the option of asking the local police department to help you out.

Ensure the venue has excellent lighting

When the lighting is poor at the venue, it encourages criminals to carry out their activities. You need to make sure that all places have an adequate number of lights. For example, the walkways should have excellent lighting so that people feel safe and secure.

In case there is a power failure, you need to have emergency lighting in place. Ask professionals to help you out in this area to avoid lighting issues.

Have an emergency plan in place

If you face a security threat at your event, you need to know what you should be doing to handle it effectively. Make a draft, which will ensure everyone in your team knows what to do during a disaster. For example, the exits the guests and attendees must take, to evacuate the venue as soon as possible.

You are better to be planned, ready for action than to try and figure out how to manage it once it occurs.

While you can’t guarantee zero security problems in your events, the above measures will help bring down the risk. The key is to take adequate measures, which will discourage criminals from causing problems!

David Yakas
Managing Director
Wrapped Creations