Selecting The Right MC For Your Next Event

With so many things to think about and plan for an event, one thing that can sometimes be overlooked is the importance of selecting the MC for your event. Often overlooked and underbudgeted for, choosing the right one is so important, as this individual can make or break your event.  

No before you rush off and Bob in accounts to be the MC as he’s pretty good at talking in public, here are some things to consider why you need to find a professional to fill this important role:

Engages with attendees

The role of an MC is to ensure your audience is having a good time throughout the day. Have you been to an event where you want to leave because you didn’t find it entertaining? You don’t want your event to face this problem since it can have a negative impact. For instance, it can reduce the number of people who will attend your conference in the future.

With a professional MC, this won’t be a problem, and the host will make sure your audience never switches off. They will ensure there are pauses between each session, to avoid content being information-heavy and lengthy.

The MC will work the crowd in your event, to achieve your objectives. For example, if it is your target to get 100 people to sign up for your next networking event, the MC can make it happen.

Ensures event runs on time

If your events don’t go on time, you run the risk of your audience leaving with a negative impression. Keep in mind that the attendees have commitments they need to fulfill. Although delays can take place even if you go out of your way to make the preparations flawless, it isn’t the end of the world.

The MC will work with your event management company to make sure you don’t have to delay the conference. They will suggest ways to shuffle the order of the event, to overcome setbacks.

Even when you face problems, the MC will provide his/her expertise to overcome them. They will ensure that they are in complete control of the regional events, regardless of how things turn out.

Keeps the flow of the event going

It is crucial that everything in your event goes smoothly. You don’t want to be in a situation where your audience is wondering what will happen after the speaker finishes their presentation. A good MC will make sure that they go through the agenda of your and make plans for the entire show, to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Before a speaker gets on stage, the MC will introduce him to the audience. They will be responsible for conveying gratitude from your company to the speaker, for taking the time and effort to attend your event. The MC will be the crucial link between various portions of your event and will help connect the dots, improving the experience of the audience.

Prevents event from becoming boring

It is a nightmare for every event management company to learn the show was boring for the audience. For instance, there is no one keeping the flow of the conference going, leaving the attendees confused. Similarly, the topics under discussion feltl disjointed since there isn’t any individual to help connect the dots.

Sets tone of event

A professional MC will be the one who sets the mood for your event. They will make sure your audience loves being in the venue every second. There are several ways the MC will influence the setting of the event.

For example, their choice of language and status can make a world of a difference. Within a short period, they will connect with your audience.

How to select the right MC?

Now that you know the significance of choosing a professional MC, the next part of the guide is to address how to select one for your event. Doing a simple search on social media and picking the first one you see won’t cut it. There are a lot of factors you need to consider that will determine whether the MC is a good fit.

Establish event goal and purpose

First, you need to make a note of the purpose of your event, along with the targets you want to achieve. For example, it is award night, which means you have to highlight personal achievements of your employees.

At the same time, you want to show the audience, the current status of the company. For this type of event, the purpose is to maintain a positive culture and keep the audience happy.

As a result, you will know the tone, messaging, content, and format for the event, making it easier to select an MC.

Learn about attendees

The next step is to take a look at the type of people who will be attending your event. What is the demographic of the attendees? Are they from the same age group and what is the ratio of male to female?

Is everyone going to be from the same industry or line of work? These types of questions will help define the characteristics of your audience. The reason you need to do this groundwork is that it paints a clearer picture of what type of MC will connect with the attendees.

For instance, if your audience is from the younger generation, getting an MC with celebrity status will work wonders. Also, make sure you go through the track record of the MC before you decide to pull the trigger and hire this professional.

Selecting the MC – The final step

Now that you have sufficient knowledge about your attendees along with the goal and purpose of the event, you are ready to choose an MC. You need to make a list of people who have the potential to fit your event.

How do you go ahead with this task? For starters, you should take a look at the characteristics of the MC. Language, delivery style, personality, expertise in related industry, flexibility to achieve our objectives, and facilitation skills are some of the key elements.

You can narrow down on your options until you end up with the right person. Once you have an MC, you can take it easy knowing that your event is in excellent hands. They will help your audience understand what to expect from the show.

A large number of event management companies believe that getting a celebrity is good enough as an MC. However, this is far from reality. Remember that these individuals may not have the necessary skillset to ensure your events are successful. While it is true that the status of the celebrity will help fill up the seats, they may not be a great host. On top of that, you have to spend a fortune to get them as the MC.

The better option would be to go for a professional MC who has been in this business for a long time. Bonus points if they have experience in a relevant industry, as they will be able to grasp the nature of the event. Try going for MCs who are the complete package and are able to provide excellent value-for-money services.

With an MC, you no longer have to focus on keeping your attendees entertained and happy. You can channel your energy and resources towards tasks that require your expertise and presence. With this guide, along with your knowledge, you will be able to find the right MC. This professional’s fees will be within your budget and he/she meets your audience demographics and event goals.

David Yakas
Managing Director
Wrapped Creations