Sourcing Keynote Speakers for your next Conference

Every successful business conference requires good keynote speakers, who can keep the audience engaged throughout the event. As business conferences go on for hours, making sure your audience is excited and entertained throughout is extremely important. In other words, the keynote speakers have the power to make or break your conference.

If you get the right keynote speakers, your conference becomes an instant hit as they attract a larger audience as they don’t want to miss out. Sourcing keynote speakers for any conference is challenging, we have prepared a simple list to help you out:

Create a List

The first step to sourcing keynote speakers is to create a list, as it helps in searching for them. When you create a list, you must write down all important points about the speakers. For example, as you want to keep your audience entertained throughout the event, you will want a charismatic and energetic speaker who can connect with the people listening. Also, the keynote speaker should have a sizeable following on various social media platforms, as it indicates their popularity. The list should contain first-choice keynote speakers, along with the backup options, if things don’t go according to plan.

Use the Internet to Search and Research About Keynote Speakers

The internet is your most powerful tool when it comes to searching for keynote speakers. Thanks to powerful search engines such as Google, your work to find keynote speakers becomes extremely easy. Just type out the type of keynote speaker you are looking for, along with your constraints. For example, you can type “keynote speaker under $3,000,” and the search engine will show appropriate results. If your search was unsuccessful, then you can use social media platforms such as LinkedIn to find keynote speakers for your conference. As LinkedIn is the place where you find industry-based influencers, you won’t find it difficult to get the right speaker. Once you have found your keynote speakers, you can go on YouTube to see how good they are on stage.

Conduct a Poll

Once you have narrowed down on your list of keynote speakers, but you don’t know who to call for your conference, you don’t have to break your head to figure it out. Instead, you can let the people decide who they would like to speak. On the page of your conference, conduct a poll and list out the names of the keynote speakers that you have narrowed down. The feedback you collect from the people interested in your event will be quite helpful. For starters, you are catering to the needs of your audience, which will attract them in larger numbers.

Don't Forget About Logistics

Once you have figured out which keynote speakers you want for your conference, you must take care of logistics. Poor planning will have a negative impact on your event, as you couldn’t get the right keynote speaker. Make sure that the keynote speaker is free on the dates of your conference. You should also take the travel time into consideration before the beginning and the end of the conference, to ensure everything goes well.

These are four basic steps on how to source keynote speakers for your conference!