The Right Cocktail At Your Event To Compliment Your Meeting Inspiration

Any event, a corporate gathering or a social get together, is made memorable by a decent bar set up. Alcohol is more than just a mood booster; it is more of a social lubricant. Socializing or even summing up the courage to approach someone is easier when you have a glass of wine in hand. A good cocktail is also a great conversation starter. For years, events have been completed with a bar set-up, but now people are taking notice to ‘up their game’ by going beyond ‘white or red.’ Cocktails demand artistic curation and superior mixology.

Curating a cocktail menu to complement the essence of a meeting is not complicated if you follow these guidelines.

The right cocktail at your event

  • Choosing the right cocktail starts with the event venue: whether the meeting is held outdoors or indoors. Standing in the sun, the last thing the attendees want is single malt served on the rocks. The drink you choose must suit the venue. A drink that comes to mind when you’re out in the sun is something refreshing and soothing like watermelon based. Serving the right cocktail doesn’t end with identifying the drink, the presentation should be appealing. Retain the fruit as the spotlight and serve the drinks from the same. Not only will the drink look appealing, but the taste also balances out when stored in the fruit itself. If you have the time, look into preparing fruit-based edible cups. The mantra for an outdoor event: “keep it fresh”.


  • Indoor event offers a chance to make the space visually enticing. When you are in a room which is elegantly decorated with artifacts, the cocktail served must match the décor. Glassware used to serve the drinks is as important as the drink itself. A sure way to catch your guest’s attention is by serving liquor in tall glasses. Although the volume of the drink remains the same in a tall Collins glass or a Highball glass, the skinniness of the latter provides more satiation because of the increased volume illusion it provides. Remember that each glass is specific for a drink. A tall glass is always used to serve cocktails with a higher ratio of mixers over a bed of ice. Whereas, a lowball glass is best suited for a neat pour of liquor like a White Russian or an Old fashioned.


The game changes once the sun sets. Glam sets in, and all the invitees are dressed in their best. Afternoon events are more relaxed when everyone is dressed down in light clothes and are happy to sip on a few sangrias and socialize. But, come evening, the tenor changes, and there is an energetic pulse in the air.  The drinks served must be relaxing with a generous splash of liquor. A base which you can never go wrong with for cocktails is Champagne.


The canapes you serve must be at par with the cocktail menu and are complementary to the taste. Add a signature appetizer for each cocktail, if possible.

Cocktail parties are back in fashion and are a great way to network and let loose after a hard day of work. So, the next time you are gearing up to woo a new client, throw a cocktail party to remember!